Registration Fees:  kshs.1000,00 (one thousand only)

Activity Fee  :

  • Ksh. 3,000.00. This is used in the activities that the Language Centre organizes through its “Know your Host Country” program.
  • This Fee caters for the expenses of transport and soft drinks during trips, for consultancy fee when the Consolata Language Centre invites guests to come and give lectures to the students and cultural days.
  •  It is  mandatory for all students unless otherwise approved by the Director, it is non-refundable and is paid after every two tuition periods counting from the level and tuition period where one joined and taking into account whether the student will continue to the next levels and tuition periods.


Rates charges for tuition for English (for all levels) : 

  • Per Tuition Period for (3) Students and above: 35 days totaling 140 hours normal in regular time being 04 hours per day Ksh 400,00 per hour totaling Ksh 56,000.00 per student, Per Level, (35 days).
  • Special/crush programs must have a minimum of 70 hours
  • Per tuition period for Less than (3) students: 35 days totaling 140 hours normal in regular time being 04 hours per day or according to mutual agreement  Ksh 700,00 per hour totaling Ksh 98,000.00 per student per, Level
  •   Special/crush programs must have a minimum of 70 hours

Rates charges for tuition for International English exams e.g. (PITMAN, TOEFL, IELTS ETC :

                                               Three stages each stage 35 days, 140 hours.

  • Each student: 35 days totaling 140 hours normal in regular time being 04 hours per day x   ksh 700,00 per hour totaling ksh 98,000.00 per stage.

Special/crush programs must have a minimum of 70 hours

Institutional Identity Card: 

Ksh 300 and they will have a validity of (3) months counting from the date of issue. At the beginning of every tuition period the secretary will take the necessary measure like taking a digital photo of those who need and pay for them.

Free services offered to students :  

  • Coffee and tea at break time
  • Individual studies in the 15 booths equipped with computers with 24 hours internet services and language programs
  • 12 hours internet services for study and personal matters
  • Multimedia library equipped with 12 computers  with 12 hours internet services, language programs and books, magazines and newspapers  in software and hardware for self-studies
  •   Afternoon activities on Tuesdays and Fridays from 14:00 to 16:00  assisted by a highly qualified teacher 


Payment Mode:  


Note: The Consolata Language Centre does not accept payments in cash. All payments should be done ONLY by banker’s cheque or through a cash deposit slip to the Centre’s Bank account to be presented and receipted at the Centre. Kindly deposit cash at NIC Bank branch with the following information:

  • Name of Account: Consolata Fathers – Language Centre
  • Branch Name: NIC HOUSE
  • Account Number: 1000012846 – NIC BANK

  Note: NIC Galleria Branch is conveniently situated at the Nakumatt Galleria Shopping Mall (first floor) at Bomas of Kenya junction.


For any inquire please contact us:  

Web: www.consolatalanguage centre.co.ke

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    I committd myself to your formation center at your convience time if you accepted me