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Charlemagne once said, ‘to have another language is to possess a second soul’. This could not
be truer that what was paraded on the 15th day of February 2018 in the 300 capacity, well kept
ultra modern amphitheater of the institution. It was a spectacle of passion for second language

The sun shines brightly into a warm morning. Students, friends, staff and guests are all seated
quietly facing, the now empty podium which sits below a now blank large screen that would
soon harbor a rainbow of cultural activities.
It is their long awaited, well prepared for, cultural day. The students are anxious, excited may be
to have a chance to exhibit the pride of their motherlands, their roots. Ten minutes after 11
O’clock, the master of ceremony’s voice disrupts the silence, and the ceremony begins officially.
The presence of the Chief Guest Fr. Joseph Waithaka Reg. Superior was acknowledged the
superiors presents, guests and Consolata fraternity were welcomed.
With a representation of the rich language diversity, students were accorded an opportunity to
take us through prayers in their languages; Portuguese, French, Spanish, Malagasy, Arabic,
Kiswahili and English languages.
Soon after, it was time for flags presentation accompanied by respective national anthems that
was smoothly coordinated by the DJ of the day, Leonardo. It was truly a colorful moment.
The Centre’s director Fr. Lorenzo welcomed the Chief Guest Fr. Waithaka. His rich speech
appreciated cultural diversity and the beauty of embracing one another. He encouraged students
to grip any given opportunity that would help facilitate their calling to spread the good news
across the globe, language-learning being the core.
Following his well appreciated speech were the dances, the skits and power point presentations.
The dances were an assortment from Congo, Madagascar, Rwanda, Brazil and Mozambique
while the skits were derived and passionately presented from Madagascar, Ivory Coast and
Cameroon. The power point presentations that were rich in history came from South Sudan,
Vietnam, and Ethiopia and Lebanon arrays.
It was truly a refreshingly splendor of culture, beautiful to the eye and more so to the soul.
The end of the first session with multi-cultural song and dance marked the beginning of yet
another interesting session.
A display of traditional cuisine from all the countries presented. A session to catch up, meet new
friends and reflect on the breath taking presentations that just ended as we all shared the
Welcome to our School and enjoy the sweetness of Language Learning
Thank you,
Techer Evelyne,
English Tutor

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