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Towards the close of last year student’s had an opportunity to visit Olorgesailie: a pre-historic site with rich archeological and paleontological evidence for the existence of ancestral hominids with artifacts to attest to it. In future we are going to post pieces written by students stating their experiences.

New Year 2014
We have opened the New Year 2014 with a number of students, a good way to start. The students’ diversity in terms of nationality and culture is impressive: Vietnamese, Argentinian, Mexican, South Sudanese, Mozambican, Ethiopian, Congolese, Nigerian, Polish and Colombian. This is a very good composition especially because all this students come together over a 30 minutes coffee break where they get to interact and exchange news about their respective countries as well as practice what they learn in class.

Kenya National Museum: The students are set to visit The Kenya National Museum on 8th Feb 2014 which is situated here in Nairobi. This is an opportunity for students to learn Kenyan history especially the struggle for independence. They get to see the kind of home-made weapons including guns that were used by the freedom fighters, many species of preserved birds, fossils of dinosaurs, remains of large extinct elephants among many others. There is also a snake park where they get to see different live but caged snakes and learn their characteristics as well as where they are found in the wild.

Up Country Tour: This allows our students to see Kenya beyond the capital city. Plans are underway to have one such tour on the 12th of April 2014.

Cultural Day: The most colorful event at Consolata is due on 6th June 2014. This is one event that brings together not only students but also friends and representative from other institutions. You too are invited to join us and enjoy the people, diverse cultures, and food!

Bomas of Kenya: A place where one gets opportunity to enjoy watching traditional dances from all over Kenya is one of the students’ favorite. Our current students and those who join us before the 19th of July will get this rare opportunity.

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