This facility was started on 14th January 2010. It came about as inspiration from the Institute of the Consolata Missionaries to facilitate easy learning of languages in the East and Central Regions of Africa.

This idea was conceived in a continental meeting of the major superiors of the Consolata missionaries in 2005 upon visualizing a prophetic need of a language learning Centre in a suitable African Country. This insight gained maturity in 2006 with the canonical visit of the General Superiors, who expressed their intention and desire to concretize and attach it to the already existing Consolata Institute of Philosophy (CIP).

This expeditious mission was entrusted to Fr. Guisseppe Bertaina, Fr. Stephen Okello and Fr. James Lengarin, Consolata Missionaries, who in consultation with the Kenya-Uganda Region, zealously and devotedly brought the project to completion in August 2009, when they officially handed over the physical structures to the Regional administration. A well finished and furnished modern Consolata Language Centre (CLC), which we treasure today.

It comprises of a fully equipped Amphitheatre with multimedia, internet and video conferencing facilities, which comfortably accommodates 300-seated persons. Classrooms with pedagogical capacity of 14 students per session, a digital and multimedia language library, a language laboratory fully equipped for training students for simultaneous translation with phonetics, pronunciation and comprehension exercises. In addition we also have a computer booth with 13 computers fully networked 24hours for practicing and accessing licensed programs for learning languages on internet. We have a staff room for our teachers. Other important facilities put in place are the School Director’s, and Administrator’s offices plus an up to date secretary/reception office equipped for both national and international demands of communication and transactions in the contemporary world.

Today we gladly affirm that, the language Centre was setup to cater for students from all works of life, from the continent and beyond, who need to learn and/or deepen their language and cultural worldview.

It is open to other cultures (English, Swahili, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Latin, Persian Chinese, Arabic, etc.) for various purposes, such as work, travel, leisure, etc.

With that at the forefront, the Centre aims to develop both receptive and productive skills in its students, so that they can communicate in real life situations.

Besides the teaching of languages, the ideology that enshrines CLC right from its inception is also to help in the introduction and initiation of interested parties, into the Eastern African and particularly Kenyan cultures, through audio-visual presentations, such as music, documentaries and other pertinent issues in the African continent i.e. its History, Politics and Economy among others. This is guaranteed by the proximity and healthy institutional rapport that CLC enjoys, with cultural and touristic centers such as Bomas of Kenya, the National Museum and National parks within and around East Africa.

CLC is also set to become a Centre for training language teachers from and around Nairobi, thus reinforce the learning of new methods and technologies in teaching modern languages and production of didactic materials for this purpose.

Computer packages and Basic training in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) are yet other areas explored at the CLC, as a way of equipping our beneficiaries in view of a globally advancing world in the art of language and communication.

~CLC seeks to raise standards in language learning and teaching~
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