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Apart from teaching languages in classes we endeavor to enrich our student’s experiences. We hold cultural days, take our students on excursions and outings thus keeping our students linked to real life outside classroom – Extra Curriculum Activities (E.C.A)

This enables our students to better understand the people of Kenya leading to profitable exchange in communication which goes a long way in preparing our students for school or work, since most of our students study language in our institution so as to proceed with higher learning as well as, for work in other fields in society.

Friday 9th February 2019 was such a day. This day our students had an opportunity to visit THE BOMAS OF KENYAWe left CLC right after classes at 12:30 pm given the fact that the main performances begin at 2:30 in the afternoon. By the way, the unique privileged of CLC, is that we have a wonderful rapport with BOMAS OF KENYA CULTURAL ACTIVITY AND TOURISIM management; and it is actually a walking distance from the Consolata Language Centre, CLC. The walk was thus a great experience and enriching in itself…… The students were jovial, it provided not only an opportunity to exercise but also time for the students who may have not had a chance to interact and get to know each other better. For our Lunch: It was a BUFFET

mbuzi choma (roast goat meat), chicken stew, roast potatoes, chapatti, and vegetables.

Variety of fruit served as one wished and satisfaction. 

EXCITEMENT AND TAKING OF PICTURES before proceeding to the auditorium. Here different traditional dances from all around Kenya were presented to the audiences. Each dance represented a cultural aspect of the community, ranging from celebration of love, marriage, child naming, harvest, war and many more…. The session was crowned by an acrobatic performance which they really enjoyed…


TOUR TO THE TRADITIONAL AFRICAN HOMESTEADS. It was clear to everyone that communal life is very important in Africa….. We were able to visit most of the tribal homesteads and learnt so much about the different tribes and cultures that exist in Kenya in such a short time. It was just amazing. SOME WILD ANIMALS (the warthogs and monkeys) students really enjoyed and took photos.

Are you interested in learning a new language? Experiencing a new culture? Meeting new people and having fun? CONSOLATA LANGUAGE CENTRE IS THE PLACE TO BE! Please enroll into one of our programs.

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