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A man, who doesn’t have a culture, is like a tree without roots. (Marcus Garvey) Culture is defined as a way of life which is exhibited in language, food, music, way of dressing, etc. Through culture people co-exist peacefully with the others in the society. Celebrating our traditions helps us keep grounded in our own cultures as we also learn other cultures.

Consolata Language Centre seeks to enhance this…. On Friday 24th may 2019, Consolata language Centre held its annual cultural day.

Both staff and students came together to share food and showcase performances from different ethnic groups, thus, making out the cultural mosaic of CLC.

Being a multicultural institution we had various nationalities represented: Congolese, Ethiopian, Eritrean, Rwandese, Burundian, Italian, Brazilian, Angolan, Mozambican, Spanish and of course our, the Kenyan. What a lovely day it was…! It was exciting to see people appreciating and embracing the diversity of cultures. Lovely” could best describe the experience.

The performances included: traditional dances, songs, dramatizations and PowerPoint presentations; and of course not forgetting the beautiful march past with flags in recognition of all the nationalities present.

The cultural day culminated with an enriched sharing of delicious foods prepared by students from the different countries. It was an enjoyable and lively day for all and special gratitude’s to our guest of honor the vice rector of CIP, Rev Fr. Alex Kiamba, imc, and the invited visitors who joined us! CLC remains your cultural hub.

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