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“Hard work beats talent if talent doesn’t work hard” – Tim Notke
Fridays are great! But a Friday with sports day, tops the list. The first ever sports day was held on 6th September 2019. That morning, the sun was shining in its full glory and I was convinced it was going to be an awesome day filled with fun activities.
The sports day was scheduled to begin at 10:30 am and by 10:45am all students had assembled in the field. The coordinators of the day were Tr. David and Tr. Bernadette. After a brief salutation Tr. David called out the names of the players that were to play volleyball in their respective teams (Team A and Team B)
The ball games commenced at exactly 11 o’clock. The volleyball game started at a high note, competition was stiff from the start. The players show casted their prowess leaving us the spectators cheering on our favorite teams. Jean Paul, the referee was very vigilant and left no mistake go without getting a penalty for it. He was strict and fair that made the players bring out their A game. I personally got to learn a few rules I didn’t know existed. Did you know that a ball may be played off the net during a volley and on a serve? Did you?
After the first set the team changed sides, team B was on the lead. Eventually the game ended and team B emerged the winner 2 sets by 0. We took a break of ten minutes before the next game. The students and teachers served few sacks while the players had glucose for their energy levels.
There after we proceeded to the basketball pitch. The match kicked off with Jean Pierre as the referee. Just like basketball the competition was stiff, the players ran at a supersonic speed one second the ball would be on one side of the court but within a spilt of a second it would have returned to the other side of the court. I also got to learn of the ‘10 second rule’ whereby the offensive team has 10 seconds to get the ball across half court. If it takes longer than 10 second, then they will lose possession of the ball. Once the offensive team has gotten the ball over half court they cannot go back into the defenders half court with the ball. This is called over- and – back. Conclusively, Team B won with 12 points against 6 points from Team A.
At around 12:30pm, we proceeded to our inter- levels competition of ‘fun games’. Sack race kicked off first, Beginner class 1 emerged the winner followed by Beginner class 2. The second game was the relay race which the Intermediate class won followed by Pre- intermediate class. Tyre race was the third game whereby Beginner class 2 won and Beginner class 1 got the second position. Potato and spoon race was played, the Upper- intermediate won followed by Pre- intermediate. Finally we had the wheelbarrow race where the Intermediate won followed by Beginner class 1.
We had a team building hula hoop challenge that Tr. Agnes guided us through. This challenge required us to work together, improve our ability to think rationally and strategically and ultimately better our communication skills.
Finally, it was time for TUG OF WAR! The icing of the cake. The contest of supremacy. The rope was brought, two team pulled and pushed raising the adrenaline to a hundred. People pulled the rope each side securing their team members. After five minutes no one was giving in. People pulled it more. Unfortunately, no winner emerged the rope was torn into two. That proved we were all winners.
The sports day was over., it was not only fun but a good learning experience. Everyone had a take- home lesson, mine was that the STRONGEST people aren’t always the people who win, but the people who DON’T GIVE UP when they LOSE.

Written and complied by T.O.D
Bernadetta Nyiva Mwanza

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