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Off to The Forest at half past nine on Saturday 22nd from Consolata Language Centre. We were thirteen in number. There was an air of excitement because everybody was looking forward to be able to discover and know more about The Forest. We had a smooth journey toThe Forest, which is situated in Kereita forest. We made one stop over for the students to enjoy the spectacular view of The Great Rift Valley.

We arrived at The Forest at 11.30 a.m and ushered into the reception by a friendly young lady. We were served by one of the receptionists allocated us a guide to take us for our first booking: The nature walk. The nature walk was interesting and educational. The guide took us through the forest explaining various things. We learnt about the different species of trees; the medicinal and poisonous ones. He also informed us of the presence of wildlife in the Kereita forest, for example elephants, antelopes and over 100 species of birds. We finished the walk at the waterfalls. It was refreshing and had magnificent view. We all loved the experience. The second activity that we had booked for was paint-balling.

The game was engaging, enthralling and competitive. We had two teams the blue and red team.

It was a game of war! The blue team won.  It was an interesting experience. However, not all of us did paint-balling and others opted to do archery. After the walk and games, we had lunch at around 3 pm at the restaurant with breathtaking views of the forest. The lunch was interactive and fun. We left for Nairobi at around 4.30 pm. It was wonderful indeed!

Tr. Nelly Openda – English

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