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image001It is another exciting moment to consider what language can actually do to change the course of humanity. Have you ever experienced the joy of speaking a foreign language?

There is nothing as thrilling, exciting and fulfilling as speaking to people in a language they completely understand especially if you are a foreigner. Their eyes brighten; you capture their attention and easily engage them in the desired activity. Greeting a native of a country that you go to visit, in their own language, has the potential to opens untold door and present opportunity that otherwise would remain locked.

At Consolata Language Centre, we give you the opportunity to learn a language of your choice: English, Kiswahili, French, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish and even Chinese. Kiswahili is an important Language for anyone who visits, lives or is planning to live in Africa, especially East Africa. It is the language of the common man and life can be pretty challenging if one cannot communicate in Kiswahili.

We equip you with practical Kiswahili and our methodology ensures you speak from day one. Our two Kiswahili tutors, just like all other tutors, are highly qualified, well equipped, highly experienced and very dependable. From the very first day you will be able to start interacting with natives in simple conversations.

The language, like others we offer here, is taught in manageable chunks, precept upon precept, image002connected seamlessly so that the student does not forget the previous lesson but instead enjoy using the language.

Are you a missionary, professional, or an expatriate and wondering how to enrich your work experience or how you can have greater impact on the people you encounter on a daily basis?

There can be no better way than effective communication and this is impossible if you do not have the language that you need. We also teach survival language: the most important words, phrases, greetings, how to ask for directions and any other form of assistance so that you are able to survive in the streets of your host country.

Enroll now and have an experience of a lifetime! Our charges are very affordable and we look forward to serving you with joy and professionalism.

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  1. WILSON BONITO - May 11, 2016

    I am wilson
    I am from Angola, I speak Portuguese, but at moment I am in Kenya for do new experience with this peaple. I need learn English for the best know this reality. It Is a good oportunit stay in CONSOLATA LANGUAGE CENTRE. The peaple is very friendly and interactive. The teachers are very inteligents and teach very well.

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